Wildlife Has A Home

Habitat loss is the single greatest threat to wildlife in Colorado.

Privately owned open space supports some of the most productive and important habitats for a variety of species native to SW Colorado.

Landowners who place their properties in conservation easements are often motivated to do so by their desire to protect the wildlife on their property. Land owners know that their stewardship of the land provides wildlife habitat, while still allowing them live on their property and operate farms and ranches.

The Role of Conservation

bobcatWhen LPOSC evaluates lands for conservation easements, it is our responsibility to determine what conservation values will be protected on that land. Protecting wildlife habitat is one of the most important factors we consider when preserving lands.

By protecting land from development through a conservation easement, habitat will remain protected forever.
For the Durango community and our visiting tourists, this means opportunities for wildlife recreation such as wildlife viewing, photography, and hunting.

To learn more about wildlife species in southwestern Colorado, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.